WSF (1999): “Libertarian socialist (anarchist) history: The Industrial Workers of the World”

WSF (1999): “Libertarian Socialist (Anarchist) History: The Industrial Workers of the World”

From Workers Solidarity, magazine of the Workers Solidarity Federation, volume 5, number 1, second quarter 1999. Complete PDF is here

The idea of one big union to serve all workers, no matter what industry they slaved in, was associated with the Industrial Workers of the World, a fighting union formed by workers in the United States in 1905. With it’s slogan of “One Big Union!”, the IWW was designed to be a working-class vehicle for social justice, armed with the power of their labour and of solidarity with their brothers and sisters. Like the WSF, the IWW has does not believe that the only job of the workers’ organisations is to argue once a year for better pay packages. It wants industry to be put directly in the hands of the workers, those who have all the skills, knowledge and expertise to run the world’s economy.