T-shirts (from events/ summits): Federation Anarchiste (Francophone) distributed shirt, obtained after 2007 IFA congress (WSF)

As noted elsewhere on this site, a member of the Workers Solidarity Federation (South Africa) attended the November 1997 congress of the International of Anarchist Federations (IFA) at Lyon, France. IFA affiliates present included French, Italian, Spanish, Bulgarian and German groups (the Argentinean affiliate could not attend); there were observers from Guyana, Czechoslovakia, Colombia, Holland, Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Finland and South Africa (Turkish observers also could not attend). The Federation Anarchiste (Francophone) (FA), which operates in France as well as French-speaking Belgium, is a very sizeable formation: around 100 branches, a weekly paper, a radio station and a presence on some local stations of others, various bookshops etc. It was the congress host, and host for the WSF. The t-shirt below was purchased at the FA’s Paris shop, called Publico.

Durrutti F only