WSF (1996): “Are Employed Workers And Unions An ‘Elite’?”

WSF (1996): “Are Employed Workers And Unions An ‘Elite’?”

From Workers Solidarity, magazine of the Workers Solidarity Federation, volume 2, number 2, third quarter 1996. Complete PDF is here

Whenever workers go on strike the bosses and the National Party accuse the strikers of standing for the interests of an “elite”. Even some ANC leaders have made such claims. They say that these workers are selfish. They say that these workers are privileged compared to the unemployed. They say that these workers are causing poverty by “harming the economy”.

These arguments are lies!!! The majority of workers do not even receive a living wage. We work in terrible conditions and still face racism. Yet the bosses and politicians who call the employed an “elite” earn tens of thousands of rands a month and drive BMWs!

The employed and the unemployed do not live in separate “group areas”! Employed workers’ wages help support unemployed family members and neighbours. This creates pressures on incomes which forces workers to strike for better wages.

Strikers are not responsible for the crisis of the economy. The bosses are. Their factories only produce for a tiny majority of the population. They do not train the workers. They do not spend their money on creating jobs but on buying up existing companies.

We must and will take mass action against these exploiters. They are the real elite whose greed and power- lust causes poverty and suffering. Forward to a free Stateless Socialist (Anarchist) society through the unions and the democratic civics!