WSF (1996): “Manifesto Of The Workers Solidarity Federation”

WSF (1996): “Manifesto Of The Workers Solidarity Federation”

From Workers Solidarity, magazine of the Workers Solidarity Federation, volume 2, number 2, third quarter 1996. Complete PDF is here

Capitalism and the State are the main cause of all oppression. Racism and sexism divide the working class, and help the bosses rule and super-exploit us and nature.

All social wealth is produced by us- the workers and poor. But we, the majority of the people, suffer terrible poverty and have no real control over our own lives. Instead, we are bossed around and exploited by the tiny ruling class: capitalists, military leaders, top State officials, professional politicians.

The State (courts, army, police, and government bureaucracy) is a centralised tool of the ruling class. It can never be used to create freedom for the majority.

In place of divisions among the workers and the poor, we want to transform the trade unions and civics into revolutionary bodies.

In place of the swindle of elections, we are for mass action and revolution against the capitalists, the State, and all oppression.

But we do not want the Soviet system that existed in Russia and China. This was not real socialism- it was Communist Party dictatorship and State- capitalism.

In place of exchanging one group of bosses for another, we want workers power through the unions and civics. Individuals should be free to act as they choose so long as they do not hinder the freedom of others. In place of capitalism and the State, we want Stateless Socialism (Anarchism). A free, equal society based on grassroots democracy in the factories and the community, and defended by a democratic workers army. This society can only be created by the mass of the people fighting in their own interests.

The Workers Solidarity Federation supports all struggles against oppression and exploitation. We aim to educate and organise the workers and the poor to make the revolution in their own name. We work within existing trade unions. We do not want to rule the masses or change society from above.

We proudly stand in the mass tradition of Anarchism/ Syndicalism. Our movement has historically attracted millions world-wide, because it serves the needs of the workers and poor, not the power- seekers and exploiters. If you agree with our aims, join us!