WSF (1995): “Transforming The Universities: Where The Workers Solidarity Federation Stands”

WSF (1995): “Transforming The Universities: Where The Workers Solidarity Federation Stands”

From Workers Solidarity, magazine of the Workers Solidarity Federation, volume 1, number 1, May-June 1994. Complete PDF is here

We in Workers Solidarity support the student and worker’s struggle to transform the universities and technikons. We stand against racism. We are for equal access to education of all people and this means fighting against the legacy of apartheid.

We believe that we need to change the role of tertiary education, which is usually geared towards training experts and managers that make decisions affecting our lives every day, totally outside of our control.

It is the wealth that the workers produce that sustains the universities. So the universities must help address the needs of the Black working class.

We stand in solidarity with the workers struggle. Only united against the bosses can we win anything. We need to break the tradition of repressive labour relations in the public sector for once and for all. We also stand with our class because we believe that it is in struggle that people can be won to the need for revolution.

We agree with our comrades that the universities must be democratized. The old apartheid managements must go. But instead of replacing them ,with a new elite on top of the administrative hierarchy, we need to work out ways to genuinely empower workers, students and staff on campus.