Hattingh, “Bolivia: back from the brink” (2009) [South African Labour Bulletin]

Shawn Hattingh, 2009, “Bolivia: Back from the Brink,” South African Labour Bulletin, volume 32, number 5, December/January 2009, pp.53-56.


In the middle of this year newspapers reported that Bolivia’s government was about to be toppled. Shawn Hattingh shows how the attempt to overthrow Evo Morales was defeated through massive mobilisation by ordinary people. Their victory has driven them to make further demands … In fact, a new sense of radicalism seems to have swept through Bolivia once again. Many within the movements are now demanding more than the adoption of the new watered down constitution; they are demanding a social revolution that overturns the entire political and economic order that has plagued Bolivia for centuries. The question now is: will Morales be moved with this tide?

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