ZACF: 2009 Red and Black Forum, Orange Farm, “Does the Vote Bring Democracy?”

Southern Africa – Anarchist Communist Event

Saturday February 21 2009

This was a notice for a 2009 Red & Black Forum run for the Orange Farm Electricity and Water Crisis Committee. Orange Farm is a giant squatter camp south of Soweto. The workshop was extended by popular demand to 2 days.

Red & Black Forum: Does the Vote Bring Democracy?

  Wednesday February 04, 2009 18:08author by Jon – ZACF

The ZACF will be facilitating a Red & Black Forum (anarchist communist educational workshop) with the theme “Does the Vote Bring Democracy?” this Saturday in Orange Farm, south of Johannesburg. The RBF will be hosted by the Anti-Privatisation Forum affiliated Orange Farm Electricity and Water Crisis Committee.

The RBF is intended to be an outcomes-based interactive workshop whereby we will facilitate the interrogation of ideas by posing questions such as:

* What are people’s understandings of democracy, both pre- and post-1994?
* What do people understand by political parties and their role?
* What is the structure of political parties, and why do they resemble the class pyramidal structure?
* Where do people locate themselves and various political leaders on the class pyramid?
* What are the functions of the different classes?
* If voting replicates the top-down organisational models of political parties and capital, what alternative models of organising can be used to bring about real democracy and equality?