WSF “Solidarity Centre” and webpage: 1996 [WSF Internal Bulletin 1]

From the Internal Bulletin of the Workers Solidarity Federation (WSF) of South Africa, no. 1, September 1996.  The “Soldarity Centre” was in the DJ Du Plessis building on the West Campus, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg. It was not, in fact, used much. There were too many other demands on time, and the WSF was soon to focus off-campus and start holding its business meetings in Newtown, in downtown Johannesburg. The webpage was on the now-defunct Geocities.

The Wits branch has been awarded an office by the SRC. We aim to establish an Anarchist  resource center, in which we will store anarchist literature and magazines, and make them available to workers and students. The office needs a lot of work and should be up and running by the beginning of next year, hopefully sooner.

We have arrived !!One of our members has organised WSF a Web page on the internet. The page is still under construction and we are aiming to place a lot of interesting anarchist material on our page, link to other anarchist pages, and display a lot of our own work eg. the position papers, on our page. Once it has been constructed, our web page will facilitate communication with other anarchist groups and individuals who are interested in our ideas.
Now all we need is a phone.”