1998 Position Papers of the Workers Solidarity Federation: members guide

This document was provided as an A5 booklet, with a yellow cover, and outlined the general structure, expectations and political approach of the ‘platformist’ Workers Solidarity Federation (WSF). Also included was the constitution. Given the size of the WSF, the structure outlined was perhaps overly ambitious, but it had the merit of avoiding loose and undemocratic network structures — and of setting out a clear ambition to grow. In terms of perspectives, there was a clear orientation to working within  existing mass/ popular movements, as well as campaigns — as opposed to focusing on far left or radical or counterculture milieus.

This accompanied a second set of documents, 180 pages long, providing general analysis and orientation, which can be read here.

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Chapter one: The WSF Constitution

Chapter two: Principles and Guidelines for WSF Organisation and Activity

Chapter three: Membership Requirements

Chapter four: Internal Political Education

Chapter five: Guidelines for Workers Solidarity Magazine

Chapter six: Our Perspectives