1998 Position Papers of the Workers Solidarity Federation: analysis and strategy

1998 Position Papers of the Workers Solidarity Federation: analysis and strategy

A classic set of documents, 180 pages long (contents below), developing a comprehensive analysis of, and political orientation around, contemporary issues with a South African focus but far larger relevance.  Developed by the 1990s ‘platformist’ Workers Solidarity Federation, these were adopted, in largely unchanged form, by today’s Zabalaza Anarchist Communist Front (formerly Federation). They reflect the  general approach of both organisations: a radical critique of the current system, combined with a practical fighting programme.

This version is from 1998. Its numbered Part 1 as there was an accompanying “Members Guide” (part 2), which was meant to serve as a sort of militant’s manual. You can read that document here.

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 WSF POSITION PAPERS 1998-Part 1 - Analysis and strategy  Click on image to access the PDF



Chapter one:Defining the WSF and Libertarian Socialism (Anarcho-Syndicalism)

Chapter two: Class Struggle, Capitalism and the State

Chapter three: Trade Unions and Revolution

Chapter four: Fighting and Defeating Racism

Chapter five: The Environmental Crisis

Chapter six: Anti-Imperialism and National Liberation

Chapter seven: Fighting for Women’s Freedom

Chapter eight: The Student Movement

Chapter nine: Gay Rights

Chapter ten: Against Separate Organisations

Chapter eleven: The Violence Question

Chapter twelve: The Nature of the Soviet Bloc

Chapter thirteen: The Role of the Revolutionary Organisation in the Class Struggle

Chapter fourteen: Building Internationally