Activities of the Bikisha Media Collective: June 2001

This was a brief public report on the activities of the (new) Bikisha Media Collective  (BMC), dated June 2001.  It gives a  sense of the lively activity of this small group. Obviously the contact details are outdated. It dates the founding of BMC to October 1999, and it also reports a BMC presence at the international anarcho-syndicalist summit in Paris in May 2000, called “Le Autre Futur.” A BMC member gave a lively speech there at the main gathering of many hundreds of delegates and supporters of the event. The BMC would help form the subsequent Zabalaza Anarchist Communist Federation (later Front; ZACF).

The Bikisha Media Collective [report]

The Bikisha Media Collective is an anarchist project based in Johannesburg, South Africa. The Collective was founded on the revolutionary principles of class-struggle anarchism in October 1999.


It has the following aims:

* Distributing anarchist literature, videos, and music

* Developing and publishing new anarchist works dealing with southern Africa

The Bikisha Media Collective is NOT an anarchist political organisation, nor do we pretend to be. It is a project working towards the above goals. That is our only role for now. Later? We’ll see.

The Bikisha Media Collective works in close cooperation with Zabalaza Books, an anarchist publishing and distribution project based in Durban, South Africa.


Our work is guided by the following principles:

* The centrality of the organised working class in social transformation

* A class-struggle fight against neo-liberalism, capitalism and the capitalist State

* A class-struggle fight against imperialism and economic and social oppression

* Revolutionary internationalism

* Working-class self-management of struggles and workers’ organisations

* Social revolution for international anarcho-communism based on the self-management of economic life and distribution according to need

Founded by Mikhail Bakunin and his allies in the International Workingmen’s Association (1864-1876), revolutionary anarchism has always stood for the rights of the working class and peasantry, for social and economic equality for all, and social revolution against the capitalist class and its’ allies.

We draw inspiration from the noble history of anarchism and revolutionary syndicalism, including our own predecessors in South Africa, such as the International Socialist League and the Industrial Workers of Africa, and we raise the red-and-black flag of class war against the ruling class of the world.

It is only through anarchism that the working classes and peasantries of the west, east and south will end the nightmare of capitalism and its’ latest phase, neo-liberalism. And, today, it is anarchism, which is at the forefront of the struggle against neo-liberalism.


Since our founding, the Bikisha Media Collective and its’ members have

* Co-produced six new anarchist pamphlets with Zabalaza Books

* Participated in the anarcho-syndicalist congress in April 2000: “Le Autre Futur”

* Affiliated to the Anti-Privatisation Forum against neo-liberalism in Gauteng

* Helped distribute hundreds of anarchist pamphlets


Contact details:

BMC, suite no. 153, private bag X42, Braamfontein, 2017, South Africa