Masakhane Bahlali eMotsoaledi, Motsoaledi group, September 2007

According to notes,  by mid-2007 the Zabalaza Anarchist Communist Federation (now Front; ZACF)’s Black Action Group (BAG) and linked Phambile Motsoaledi Comunity Project (PCMP) were now longer operating. However, PN, the key ex-BAG cadre (also now now ex-ZACF) was doing some work with a new group called Masakhane Bahlali eMotsoaledi in the Motsoaledi squatter camp. This was mainly made up of women, all unemployed, who were interested in reviving the PCMP farm and library (the latter in the old BAG/ PCMP resource centre). This was not the same as the Motsoaledi Concerned Residents (MCR) group, and not linked to the Anti-Privatisation Forum (APF). It was planning a public launch but lacked offices, resources and money but wanted to raise dues and replace the stolen tap at the farm and maybe to expand the library building. The community had many “migrant” workers who stayed in town to earn money to remit to a rural home, and was divided internally along lines of “tribes”, nationalities, gender etc., prejudices against people with HIV/AIDS, “witches” etc.