Student protest 1995 – For Free Democratic Anti-Racist Education – Workers Solidarity Federation – 1995

Student protest in Pretoria 1995

PDF online here

This was a leaflet issued by the Workers Solidarity Federation (WSF), for a national university student protest in Pretoria. It argued for free university education, pointing to the class and national / racial effects of current policies; it also raises again the WSF slogan of the “Workers University.” Given that the student movement was (and is) fragmented into student wings of major political parties, the leaflet also proposed the formation of a non-party “student union,” as existed elsewhere e.g. in Britain.  This suggestion did not gain traction: today the student movement is even more fragmented: while the ANC-linked current still dominates the student scene, SASCO now co-exists with the young wing of ANC ally, the South African Communist Party (SACP), this being the Young Communist League (YCL), and the ANC’s general youth wing, this being the ANC Youth League  (ANCYL). These are loosely linked into Progressive Youth Alliance, with some overlapping membership.