Introduction in “Wits Student” Newspaper – Orientation Week special, WSF, 1997

Voice of Anarcho-syndicalism

The WSF is a left-wing worker-student organisation with branches on campus and elsewhere.

We oppose capitalism and the State (courts, the government bureaucracy, etc.). These are structures of oppression that help a small ruling class of capitalists, generals, politicians and top officials to exploit and rule the majority of the population: the working class and poor.

We oppose all forms of oppression and discrimination like racism. The only limit on individual freedom should be that it does not infringe on the freedom of others. Capitalism and the State are the primary cause of oppression like racism. Racism was developed to justify slavery, colonialism, and apartheid-capitalism.

This authoritarian, racist, capitalist society can only be overthrown by a working class revolution. Only the workers and the poor can make the revolution because only they are productive classes that do not have a vested interest in the system. The revolution cannot come through oppressive structures like the State. It must come through mass workers organisations like trade unions that will take over the factories and land and put them under direct worker control, defended by a worker army.

Tomorrow is built today. We support all struggles against oppression. We support the student movement. We work inside existing trade unions. We aim to encourage the self-activity and political consciousness of the mass of the people so that they can make the revolution for themselves.

Marxism is dead- the revolutionary alternative to capitalism is Anarcho-syndicalism, a movement with a proud history that is growing like wildfire on all the five continents. If you agree with us, you should join by leaving a phone message at

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