Bank Rates - WSF

The Banks have Raised the Interest Rates – WSF Leaflet, undated


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THIS MEANS: more expensive food, transport and services!

THIS MEANS: higher charges on loans!

THIS MEANS: workers suffering and plenty of profit for the exploiters!

The banks are demanding that the poor pay back their loans – now!

They are afraid they will lose money!

They want to victimise people with evictions!

We, the Working Class, the poor and suffering people say NO!

This bosses’ system, capitalism, puts profits before people, it puts profits before food, it puts profits before houses!

Some people are saying that the banks “colluded” on raising the rates. This is absolutely irrelevant! The bosses do not make secret deals to exploit us, they do it openly every day! The bosses do not have to secretly gang up against us, they are always against us!

The bosses will not be tamed by useless forums like “NEDLAC”. They do whatever they like! The only thing that will stop the bosses is mass action! Not “social accords”, not workplace forums and not parliament!

We must come together, all of us, and all our unions and civics and fight them!

Trade Unions must take economic power!

We must fight this capitalism until we win. And we, the workers and the poor, must take economic power! We must take this power directly, through our unions. Nationalism is a failed system everywhere, and elections do not bring democracy where we work.

To do this we need to keep up the revolutionary spirit in the unions and we need union democracy. Above all, we need the spirit of revolt. Stand fast and fight to the last!

Forward to Workers Democracy!

Forward to Stateless Socialism (Anarchism)!


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